Website development

Unique website development

Website development in WordPress with a unique design.

Mobile friendly website

A mobile friendly WordPress website with professional code.

UX design

Create user-friendly website experience from the design.

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Website development

A personalised, ready-to-use website for your company? At Django vzw, we help you to create a complete website.

Your Django consultant will work with you to create a unique and complete website. Based on your expectations and the provided company information, your Django consultant will develop the WordPress website for you.

What does a website cost?

Depending on your website expectations we can give you a price quote. A basic website has 5 pages. You can also opt for an inexpensive 1-page website. Contact us for a specific price request.

Django websites are developed for Django vzw members. Read more about our membership card.

Mobile friendly websites

All our WordPress website developments are optimized for mobile devices.

Your website can be viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone screens.

By applying the latest trends and website developments in your web design you will benefit from visitors on your website with any type of device.

Developing a WordPress website is done at Django with professionally written code!

We use some professional WordPress themes.

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UX WordPress Website Development

Creating user-friendly website experiences from the design stage onwards.

At Django vzw, we distinguish ourselves in professional UX web design.

Anyone can set up a WordPress website. But not everyone can develop a WordPress website that is user-friendly and customized for your business.

It's just that extra attention to UX design that you can expect. So your website will be better able to convert visitors into customers.

Every web design is adapted to your company. We develop our websites from your business and marketing goals.

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