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Gmail, Google Docs, Drive and Calendar for Home Workers.

Everything you need as a home worker to work optimally, conveniently collected in one package that works seamlessly on your computer, phone and tablet.

All-in-one office package

The office package for the home worker.

G Suite is a suite of applications, including cloud-based tools and software, developed by Google to provide businesses with a total solution to increase work productivity.

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, includes popular Google web applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Currently, more than 5 million organizations around the world use Google Apps, of which 60% Fortune 500 companies.

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Homework Success! with G Suite

Let home workers work professionally in the Cloud with G Suite. Your own e-mail account accessible in the cloud from your pc, laptop and smartphone without any worries.

Google Drive Sync

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The most notable features of G Suite

Gmail can say it is one of the best email services in the world. In the free version, Gmail has provided users with great features such as mailbox capacity up to 15 GB, ability to filter spam very well, smart search. With the Gmail version in Gsuite, besides the features of the free version, it also adds many advanced features such as:
- Create email based on your own domain name
- Ensuring an extremely high uptime (uptime) of 99.9 %
- Storage up to 30 GB or unlimited per package
- Supports attaching files up to 5 TB via Drive
- No ads
- 24/7 customer support
- Synchronize with Outlook

This is an online document drafting toolkit, processing spreadsheets, presentations and survey samples, similar to the Excel, Word, Powerpoint toolkit. This toolkit runs completely on the web browser so users can use it anytime anywhere, just need internet without installing any software. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations and surveys can all be shared, commented on and edited together in real time.

With Google Drive, users can upload any type of file to the cloud, share them with others and access them from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Users can easily sync files between computers / mobile devices to the cloud with a Google Backup and Sync application. This application creates a special folder on the user's computer and all changes to the files in this folder are synchronized with Drive, on the web and on the device. In the Gsuite version, Google Drive is added with features such as: Up to 30 GB or unlimited depending on the package,

Google Calendar is an integrated online calendar designed for teamwork in companies / organizations. Companies can easily create calendars based on their own characteristics and widely used within the company. Calendars can be authorized by others to keep track of schedules and events. In addition, members can use Google Calendar to check the status of meeting rooms or shared resources to schedule meetings or related work schedules. Main features of Google Calendar:
- Share internal calendars to check overall resource status
- Combine multiple other people's calendars into one view to easily manage and schedule time
- Sync with calendars on mobile devices
- Book meeting rooms and other shared resources

Google Hangouts is a tool to support communication and interaction between Gmail users via text, voice or video messages. The Gsuite Google Hangouts version supports up to 15 users to join conversations at the same time. Participants can share screens, view and work on everything together. Users can choose to save the exchange history and save photos in a shared album on Drive. The service is supported 24/7 and ensures 99.9% uptime from Google

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