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 84,00 / year

This Website Promo includes a wide range of website functionalities to organise your home business. With a Django Free website you are in good hands. This includes your Django Online Member Card and the Google Personal e-Mail and Cloud. set. In other words, with this purchase you will get access to all products and services of Django vzw, your Online Member Card and a professional e-mail address.

Pinoy Real Team memberscan order this membership card and get an upgrade on top of it!

What is a Website Promo?


Exceptional BONUS!

With this Website Promo you get this exceptional BONUS for free:  1 Page Website WordPress

This is a discount of 199 euros!

Become Pinoy Real Team member and get an exceptional bonus upgrade on top of it!

Pinoy Real Team is ideal for a healthy working life at home.


Our Django consultant will set up everything to make your website fully professional with one long mobile-friendly website.


Our WordPress websites are maintained, improved and include many additional website features. Check out all our Django Platform website features for more information.

Django vzw has developed +90 premium website templates & templates especially for the home worker. These allow you to launch a personal work from home website quickly and professionally.

  • Discover our wide range of premium templates & templates



How can you start with a Free WordPress website?

  1. Become a Django Online Member by purchasing this Website Promo Service.
  2. Fill in our short website questionnaire
  3. A Django advisor will provide the Free WordPress website Setting up
  4. Build yourself or let a Django advisor help you

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