Online Membership Card with Free Website and Domain Name

 49,00 / year

Online Membership Card of This gives you access to all services and products of Django NGO. Django NGO - Homework Success is aimed at home entrepreneurs, home freelancers, and home hobbyists who want to be found online.

With this Online Membership Card you can use the Django Platform, including a Free WordPress website and a Free Domain Name!

With the Online Member Card you become a non-effective member of Django NGO. This means that you can enjoy all the activities of Django NGO, but that you don't have the full benefits of the membership of effective members. Online members do not have to vote in the general meetings of the NGO. The internal regulations can determine all conditions, rights and duties of the non-effective members.

Finally, you are never alone and your Django Advisor will gladly help you further.

Become an Online Member of now - Enjoy the Work at Home Success!

What does membership include?

  1. You get access to all products and services Django NGO. (including Djangos Free WordPress Website)
  2. A standard Domain Name which can be linked to your Django Website and E-mail.
  3. A personal coaching from one Django advisor.
  4. You get access to our exclusive Facebook Group.
  5. You get access to all the Django Work from home News.
  6. You are invited to all Django Work from home Events.

Why a membership?

Django NGO is a non-profit association, created to support home workers in all facets. Django NGO can only offer services to Django members. Become a member of Django NGO today. Buy the Online Membership Card!

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