Install Google For Nonprofits For Your VZW


Because Django vzw knows that many homeworkers volunteer in a non-profit organization, we offer this installation service.

What are we doing?

We installeren GSuite of Google Workspace voor non-profitorganisaties.
In other words, we set everything up so that your vzw has its own unique GMail, Drive, Agenda, Meet, Sites, Currents, ...

Google Workspace voor Non-profitorganisaties Installatie: Ga grote uitdagingen aan met de technologie van Google. Werk professioneel binnen jouw vzw met Google Workspace.

Django vzw begeleid je met het aanvragen van je GRATIS Google Workspace voor non-profitorganisaties. Verder installeren we de Google Workspace op de noden van jouw vzw.

Werk eenvoudig, veilig en betaalbaar in de cloud met Google Workspace voor jouw VZW.

How do we proceed:

  1. You will be contacted by a Django advisor
  2. You provide us with the necessary information about your non-profit organization
  3. Applying for a Google for Nonprofits account
  4. Once Google has verified your organization's eligibility, you can activate the Google products that are best for you.
  5. We install Google for non-profits so that your organization can use everything under your own domain name.

How can this service help you?

  • High price / quality ratio
  • You can work more efficiently online within your non-profit organization
  • You can work safely online within your non-profit organization
  • Simple and without worries

Raise awareness of your nonprofit's mission, reach new supporters, and raise money online. These are some of the opportunities you can take advantage of when you join Google for Nonprofits.

Wees productiever en efficiënter en werk beter samen Met de Google Workspace (eerder G Suite) voor Non-profits.

You can also request other services from Google:

  • Reach More Donors Online, With Google Ad Grants
  • Reach your followers with videos, with the YouTube Nonprofit Program
  • Show the impact of your nonprofit, With Google Earth and Maps

More information:

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