Google Personal Email and Cloud

 35,00 / year

We set up your personal professional e-mail and cloud. You can use this for: e-mails, calendar, drive, docs, meet, chat, back-ups, ... in short, all the functionalities of a Google G Suite / Google Workspace set up and managed on your own domain name.

Because we manage your professional e-mail and cloud, you can send e-mails and documents without worries via your domain name. Ex. [email protected]

How do we proceed?

  1. Let us know which domain name you wish to use. A new one can be purchased. An existing one can be moved.
  2. The G Suite / Google Workspace account is managed and securely set up by Django without any worries.
  3. After you receive the password and e-mail, you can start working in the cloud.
  4. Jouw professioneel e-mail adres is actief. ([email protected])

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