1 Page Website WordPress


Have your 1 page WordPress website made by a Django consultant:

  • A full 1-page WordPress website ready to be beautiful, attractive, and complete (put 1 page of content in layout). All content must be submitted.
  • We can make your Existing Django website to make. This money for: Free WordPress website, Stater Website and Rockster Website.
  • We can make your New Django website on one of the Django WordPress websites: Free, Starter, Rockster.

How do we proceed:

  1. You will be contacted by a Django advisor
  2. It is discussed what you want to achieve with your website
  3. +100 WordPress Astra templates are proposed
  4. The template is completely adjusted, so that your website becomes complete and professional
  5. After the final design has been delivered, you will receive 1 month additional WordPress adjustments by your Django consultant

How can this service help you?

  • High price / quality ratio
  • Websites designed for and by home workers
  • Simple and without worries
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