Website launch

Website Launch: 9 Essentials When Building Your First Website

Website launch: 9 essentials in building your first website. Want als thuiswerker wilt u snel gevonden worden op het internet. Of u nu aan de slag gaat als ondernemer, freelancer of hobbyist, u kan een thuiswerkwebsite lanceren in 9 stappen: DomeinnaamWebsite BouwerWebsite HostingZakelijk e-mailadresVeiligheidThuiswerkbedrijfslogoAfbeeldingen van hoge kwaliteitFAQ’sResponsief Website Ontwerp Dus, u bouwt […]

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How To Create A WordPress Website In 2021

Django vzw will continue to support home workers with their website in 2021. In this article, we provide an overview of how to create a WordPress website in 2021. You can easily create a WordPress website with the Django website platform. This platform has been specially developed to host professional WordPress website for home entrepreneurs, freelancers […]

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New Year's discount

100 euro Discount WordPress Website Build

WordPress Webdesign Sale! Have a modern 1-page website built, now 100 euro discount. Valid from 1 Jan. 2021 to 31 Jan. 2021.1 coupon per customer. Only valid for Django Online members. Coupon Code: 2021-January-Sale

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7 tips for home workers

7 Tips For Home Workers

As a home worker you need to work from home, but this also means that you can work from home better with our seven tips for home workers: Bring structure to your day. By getting up at the same time as when you go to work. Make time for short breaks, alternate your work and work […]

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7 Homework Tips To Try When Your Routine Is Disrupted

7 Homework tips to try when your routine gets disrupted. Do you need some tips for working from home because the coronavirus has forced you to stay at home? We've got you covered! After all, not everyone is effective in combining work and private life. If you have a family dynamic, less personal space, the children and […]

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the 14 best video meeting apps

The 14 Best Video Meeting Apps For Home Workers

To the 14 best video meeting apps for home workers We examined how user-friendly, accessible and effective the video meeting app is for home workers. Video Meetings, or video meetings, can change the way you work as a home worker. However, face-to-face communication is important even if you cannot meet in person. Right away […]

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What can you do as a Home Worker to protect yourself against the coronaverus?

What can you do as a homeworker to protect yourself against the coronavirus?

What can you do as a home worker to protect yourself against the corona virus? As a home worker you already spend a lot of time in your home, house and therefore your own workplace. Contact with employees and relations often takes place via digital communication. What can you still do to protect yourself against the Corona virus? Everybody […]

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How can I add my business to Google?

How can I add my business to Google? The Google search engine searches your website and other websites for information about your company. Adding your company to Google can be accelerated in several ways. First, you can connect Google Search Console. Second, you can set up a Google My Business. And third, you can […]

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What is Working from Home

What is Working from Home?

What is Working from Home? Working from home is growing with a rapidly increasing number of people. Thanks to ever-evolving technologies, it is no longer necessary to work in a company. Now you can work effectively from home. Take on assignments from your home office, convert your passion into income or develop your own business. But what is meant now […]

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Successfully Starting Home Work

Successfully Starting with Home Work

Succesvol Starten met Thuiswerk kan samen met Django vzw. Als vereniging voor thuiswerkers ondersteunen we je met je thuiswerk. Wil je van thuis uit bijverdienen? Ben je thuis actief als zelfstandige in hoofdberoep of bijberoep? Ben je je eigen baas van thuis uit? Hoe kun je succesvol starten met thuiswerk? Django vzw helpt thuiswerkers door […]

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