Lead Customers To Your Business with Waze Local

Waze Local lets you advertise on the largest community-driven navigation app. Thousands of potential customers drive in Belgium every day with the Waze app. Direct customers to your business with Waze Local through targeted advertising when Waze users are in the vicinity of your business.

Your sole proprietorship, SME or association can reach more customers with the targeted advertisements on Waze. You can start with Waze Local ad from 2 euros per day. Without obligations, with real-time statistics. For larger companies there is a plan of 100 euros per day.

How do you bring drivers to your business?

The Waze app users are more than 30,000 monthly drivers in Belgium. With Waze advertisements you can inform these drivers about the proximity of your business and the current promotions.

Some businesses run on customers passing nearby. The passage to your business is then a source of income. Other businesses do not remove customers from the passage because their services or products are not sought.

In short, if you provide services or products that are wanted and needed by drivers, you can do well to advertise with Waze Local.

Example fryer: it is noon, many cars pass by your business. Your menu and weekly specialty hangs in the snack bar. You post your weekly promotion on Waze Local. Now Waze is going to advertise this promotion to Waze drivers. These can click on your weekly promotion and you can attract more drivers to your chip shop.

Example baker: as a driver I want to buy a loaf of bread, but the local bakery is closed. Your bakery has a Waze Local pin. Now that the driver wants to know where another nearest bakery is, he sees your bakery on his road map. He will easily be able to find your bakery details, check your opening hours and navigate the route to your bakery.

By advertising on Waze, your drivers can get their attention when they are near your business.


With an attractive Waze ad, your business will attract more drivers and thus more customers.

How does a Waze ad work?

Waze Local Ads
Waze Local Ads

Waze is a free route planner that allows drivers to move smarter. Waze is a subsidiary of Google, so the Waze ads are in good hands.

A Waze ad is displayed to Waze users. These drivers will see the Waze advertisement on the route planner.

When showing the Waze ad, the driver can choose to click on your ad.

Waze Local ad listings

Waze Branded Pins make your business appear on the Waze route maps. Much like a billboard informs drivers on the road, Waze pins inform drivers and remind them that your business is on or near their route.

Waze Promoted Search make your case appear in the Waze search results. This is Waze Local's SEA feature. Your business location (s) will be promoted to the top of the search results and include your brand logo.

Waze Zero-speed Takeover make your business appear when the Waze user stops near your business. This advertising option is only available for Waze-Plus plan and Waze-for-Brands plan.

Which Waze Local plan should I choose?

The Waze Local Starter Plan lets you start for 2 euros per day. This plan is ideal for SMEs and sole traders. The Waze Local Plus plan lets you start for 100 euros per day. The plan is suitable for larger companies with multiple locations.

The Starter Plan is the Waze plan you need if you want to promote 1 to 10 locations. If you have more locations to promote, up to 50 locations, the Waze Plus Plan is suitable. Even bigger, Waze for Brands offers a solution.

Let's get it Starter plan a closer look at Waze Local:

  • Drive traffic in the store with your pin on the map
  • Suitable for 1-10 locations
  • Pin & Search
  • Geographic targeting
  • Register self-service
  • Email support
  • Credit card billing only

It Plus plan from Waze Local looks like this:

  • More features and live support to increase your visibility
  • Suitable for 1-50 locations
  • Zero speed acquisition
  • Geographic and time planning
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support by email and phone
  • Credit card & invoice billing

Since Django vzw focuses on attracting more customers for sole traders, SMEs and associations, the most used plan for our customers is the Waze Local Starter Plan.

This plan includes a Self-service registration, which Django vzw can arrange for you. In addition, we optimize your Waze advertisements to obtain maximum return.

How do you direct customers to your business with Waze Local?

The community-based traffic and navigation app Waze is the most popular app in Belgium. With thousands of daily users you can attract these potential customers with Waze Local ads.

The Waze users mainly move in the big cities; Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. With 17000, 8000 and 5000 users respectively in March 2019.

To drive customers to your business, you need to provide services or products that are sought after and desired by Waze app users. If you have a business that is close to cities with many Waze users, you will be able to lead more customers to your business. If you have a product or service that is frequently searched for on Waze, there will be more chance that Waze users will be directed to your business via the Waze navigation.

Waze Benelux statistics
Waze Benelux statistics

Furthermore, the Waze ads are paid ads per impression. This means that you pay as soon as a Waze user in your area searches for your services and sees your advertisement on the Waze app. The more people see your business in the app, the more you pay. In order to direct Waze customers to your business, you will have to provide a Waze marketing amount.

But Waze is much better than billboards along the road or around bus and train booths. Waze Local ads direct interested customers directly to your business. The Waze navigation app leads customers to the parking lot around your business.

Waze marketing is a possible strategy, but it is not a strategy that will work and / or should be deployed for every business. No marketing strategy should be started rashly and without optimizations. Django vzw is happy to help you.

Do you want to lead customers to your business with Waze Local?

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