How Can I Reach Customers with Google Local Business?

If you want to reach online customers you can win through Google. But how can you reach customers with Google Local Business? Google Local Business, also Google My Business and Google My Business mentioned.

Years ago, when I started my secondary occupation, I was looking for ways to make my company known. Because Google Business Listings had already been set up at the time, I registered myself via my GMail account.

Over the years, Google Local Business has continued to professionalize. And now my Google company profile is integrated with my GSuite and my website.

Meanwhile, your business listing in Google is more than a business listing. Google focuses on the interaction between customers and company. As a result, you can now reach even more customers online

You can use Google Local Business or Google My Business to reach customers via the Google search results. Google can display your company data at the top of the searches, in the suggested search results, in Google maps and even via company data recognition in your Android smartphone. Finally, the interaction with existing customers gives future customers confidence in your company.

The five strengths of reaching customers with Google Local Business

You can reach more customers with Google Local Business through these five assets:

  1. A free company profile
  2. Parts
  3. Manage
  4. Make contact
  5. Insight into your customers
Google Local Business

Google My Business is offered for free to communicate your business data with Google and Google users.

An up-to-date address, telephone number, e-mail address and even opening hours are a must for every company.

You can then share additional information about your business activities via Google Local Business.

You can all share extra photos, a new product, a promotion or action.

Once your company details have been added and customers can share your products or services. We arrive at the management function of Google Local Business.

By managing your own company data, customers can find their way to your company better

Start a conversation with your customers via Google Local Business and thus increase your credibility.

By contacting via Google My Business you can reach more customers. This is because existing customers can make their voices heard and potential customers can read the communication / reviews between you and your customers.

In other words, these company reviews can help you reach more customers online.

Finally, the fifth advantage is that Google Local Business gives you extra insight into your customers.

Do you want to know how customers find you, what their questions are, or who or what they are? Google Local business actually helps you with data about your customers.

How does Google My Business work as a customer acquirer?

Step 1: Update your company profile. Enter your current company information. Take charge of what people see about your business on Google.

Enter your company details including photos. Make use of the reviews.

Step 2: Use the Google website (if you don't have a website). Complete your own domain. Make updates about your business.

Step 3: Publish your business activities at regular intervals. Make your services or products known.

Evaluate your Google My Business Statistics and adjust your communication.

Create Google My Business in three steps

  1. login
  2. Enter company information
  3. To publish

Get started with Google My Business. Log in with your Google Account. Or create a Google Account.

Google My Business login
Google My Business login

Enter your company details. Optimize your Google My Business Listing. You score 100%. Verify your business with Google and get full access to your business profile.

Step 2: Complete Google My Business listing

Publish your Google My Business listing. Write a post message. Tell what customers can find with you. Add your logo, cover photo and other company photos. Publish a company video and go for your first reviews.

Step 3: Google My Business publish

Can you found to become with Google Local Business?

Yes, that's possible! The Google company profile can be found in all Google search results. And that is precisely why Google Local Business can bring you new customers.

This one search results appear when users search with Google's search engine and with Google Maps.

google My Company search results
Google Local Business listing search results

One of the main advantages of the Google Business Profile is the suggested business information on the search results side or in the side

The Google suggested search results stand out, because Google clearly mentions your company as a suggestion for the search query.

Google My Business suggested search results
Google Local business suggested search results listing

Do you own a company that Google already knows? Then claim your company in the suggested search results. That way you let Google know that you own it. After verification you will be able to further supplement and manage the company data.

Google My Business you own claim your business
Google My Business Claim your business


Finally, a little-known function of the Google Local Business is to give your business credibility.

By listening to your company profile via Google, your phone number will be recognized on Android phones that have caller ID enabled.

Very credible the moment someone calls you, that the telephone number with your company name is immediately recognized.

The credibility is further enhanced because your company profile is linked to the Google brand and Google search results.


In summary, you can choose to register your company with Google Local Business yourself. You can claim your business through Google's suggested business results. Or you can have the registration of your company carried out and managed by Django vzw.

Django vzw optimizes your Google My Business listing. View our services or ask for them on the contact page. Django vzw integrates website services with being found in Google.

In any case, you can reach more customers via Google by registering your company with Google Local Business. Google My Business profile has five assets: a free business profile, sharing business data and business communication, managing, connecting with customers and reviews, and understanding your customers.

Reaching customers with Google Local Business arises because you become easier to find via the Google search results. Your company will radiate more authority and attract potential customers more easily.

Do you know sole traders who want to reach customers with Google Local Business?

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