How to Create a Free WordPress Website?

Creating a free WordPress website can be a good choice to make your sole proprietorship findable. WordPress is an open source software and is offered for free. WordPress needs to be hosted in the process and usually needs customisation to your own business style and customer needs.

Is a WordPress website for free?

WordPress is offered for free. You can source code free download and install on your server.

So you can create a free WordPress website. Only you will have to invest in good servers. Managed hosting can be the best choice.

WordPress managed hosting is almost never free. You can find a free website at and of course on our own

We compare our WordPress hosting in several articles.

WordPress is open source software that allows you to create beautiful websites, blogs or apps.

A free website to make with WordPress

This is a very wise choice since WordPress is the most renowned website builder on the market.

Building a free website with WordPress involves some basic steps. Choosing the WordPress hosting, the plugins and the theme.

WordPress hosting

Een eenvoudigere stap is om WordPress hosting aan te schaffen. Daarbij zal de host je een gratis WordPress website laten maken door het aanschaffen van de hosting.

The hosting of your WordPress website allows your website to be found on the internet. In other words, you only pay for hosting on the servers. Not for the WordPress code.

create a free WordPress website WordPress hosting

The hosting is an installation on servers.

A WordPress host can give you specifications. Amounts of website traffic, storage and server speed are common indicators.

Choosing wisely can prevent a lot of suffering later on. Because after all, creating a free WordPress website should be permanent.

WordPress plugins

Creating a free WordPress website can be installed together with additional plugins. These plugins or tools can allow you to customize WordPress to your own needs.

The collection of WordPress tools is huge. There are thousands of additional options for keeping WordPress personal, customized and free.

Choosing plugins does require some research and time. Wrong choices in poorly maintained plugins can break your website.

To save you more time, we are bidding websites a premium collection of WordPress plugins.'s WordPress hosting offers enough choice to build your own website with confidence.

Beautiful design, powerful functions and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is free and priceless at the same time.

WordPress theme's

Finally, when creating a free WordPress website, you will be able to choose which theme you use. Website themes, also called layout or design, come in 101 colors and shapes.

Several WordPress themes are free. But to obtain even more, a paid version is often also offered.

Do you want to get started quickly with the best free and premium themes? websites have everything ready in advance, so that you can create a free WordPress website even faster.

create a free WordPress website Choose WordPress theme
Choosing WordPress theme


How can you create a free WordPress website? You can choose from WordPress themes, plugins and hosting. You can spend a lot of time discussing a wise choice.

With a WordPress website you are in good hands to be found on the internet. The websites are leading and the best choice to create a beautiful website with.

Finally, you can quickly start creating a free WordPress website at

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