How Can I Create a Free Business Website?

Every business needs a website, but how can you create a free business website? In this article, we will discuss some of the most used free website builders. And you will learn how to build and optimize a free company website.

Step 1: choose your free website builder

Choose your free website builder

Before you start creating a free company website, it is better to look around and compare. You can often start building for free, but you need a paid version for additional functions.

Furthermore, different website builders have a specific target group. Building a free company website is therefore best done on a platform that is adapted to your own target group or industry.

Free websites builders and CMS in 2019

Every year, free website builders, also called Content Management Systems, come and go. In short CMS. Some website CMS platforms are closing their free versions, others are opening their doors to new customers. Finally, you have free website CMS platforms that have proven their services for decades.

Alphabetical listing of the free website builders:


An easy to use blog that allows you to distribute articles and news online. Due to its limited optimization options and basic functionalities, Blogger is more suitable for beginners and / or blogs that need to be very easy to use.

Blogger weblog comes for free with a Google account. Suitable for blogs about a company product, a company activity, ... Look no further if you want to start a simple website blog for free.

Blogger can link you to your own domain name for free.


Build your own company website with Bravenet. You can start for free with the sitebuilder. Afterwards you can upgrade to a paying plan.

With the free website of Bravenet you can choose from different templates. You also start the free website on a Bravenet subdomain. To have your website on its own domain, you need a paid plan.


The websites are our own pride. Our optimized websites make it even easier for you to reach online customers. You can create a free corporate website on the subdomain.

Our websites make it easy to be found online as a sole proprietorship. Whether it is a blog, a website or a webshop, with websites you can do it all.

Be found online quickly, with an optimized website. Supported as a sole proprietorship from start-up to growth.

At Django you are in good hands to distribute your digital story online quickly, efficiently and easily.


You can also request a free website at Dropsolid. The company helps entrepreneurs to be found digitally.

Bee Dropsolid you can get a free website with a domain name included for 1 year. You do have to apply for it and their advisor will process your application further.

Do you want to be guided from A to Z through your digital journey? Then Dropsolid may be able to help you further with its integrated Drupal online marketing.

Google Sites

With Google Sites you can create a free company website through your Google account. Google Sites is a wiki and web page creation tool that is ideal for corporate intranet or corporate extranet structures.

Do you want good cooperation among employees, or an exchange of closed company information? With Google sites you can continue for free.

Launch Effortless Effective Team Site for Free

Google Sites

Easy to use and durable to share information. You can also integrate Google sites into your GSuite.


Hubspot free websites are an ideal start for the entrepreneur who sees things bigger. Their website integrates optimally with the other services including the Hubspot CRM.

Hubspot's Content Management System CMS is offered for free. After that you can always upgrade to a paying plan.

As an inbound marketing platform, Hubspot offers a solid website package for the discerning marketer.

IM Creator

The free website builder from IM Creator is offered to students, artists, non-profit organizations and non-profits.

You need to request a free account. Only the aforementioned profiles can start for free.

XPRS from IM Creator contains all parts to creatively build your website.


Do you want to make your own website? Then Jimdo can be a suitable partner. As a self-build website platform they offer a free website version.

Jimdo Free business website creation is done by using artificial intelligence to deliver your own industry website in three minutes.

The website is customizable without programming code knowledge, with a professional design, with SSL certificate, ready for social media, and integrated contact forms.


Joomla is a renowned open source project that allows you to build your business website for free. Joomla caters to the creative website builder who likes to enjoy the flexibility of their platform.

As the world's best Content Management System, you can start your company website for free.

The Joomla websites are completely free, search engine optimized, and adapted to the latest security and privacy guidelines.


Do you want to create your own website for free and easily without any technical knowledge? Then Jouwweb can offer you a free company website creation.

Jouwweb offers a free version on the Jouwweb subdomain. Afterwards you can top up for your own domain.

Building a website on Jouwweb is easy and with full support. Their websites are easy to use, professional and optimized for Google.


Mailchimp is mostly known from the newsletter application, but in 2019 the platform launched their all-in-one marketing platform with a free website builder.

Since the website builder is still in Beta phase, it is not recommended now to bring new projects live. But for the users of the Mailchimp newsletter application, this can become a streamlined website marketing experience.


The Mozello website builder offers the easiest way to create your website, blog, or online store.

With Mozello you can build a free business website. You can then upgrade to a paying plan.

The free version of the Mozello corporate website is offered on a Mozello subdomain.

You can obtain your own unique identity with the Mozello company websites through the professional designs, colors, fonts, style, layout and photos.


Easily and simply create your own company website with Simplesite. Simplesite want to allow you to have fun setting up your own website.

You can create a free company website at Simplesite on your own domain name.


With Site123 you quickly launch your own company website. Create a free website, with its own character, and ready-to-use layout.

Build your business website in three easy steps with Site123.

You can start for free on a site123 subdomain. You can top up afterwards.


Create a website fast, simple and stylish with Strikingly. You can easily make your brand known via a free company website from Strikingly.

Strikingly's free plan is offered on a subdomain. Afterwards you can upgrade to a paying version.


Landing pages, websites or an online store, Tilda can do it all. From website publications to CRM.

Tilda is a website builder that starts from a free plan. Upgrading is necessary for more functions. Your free company website starts on a Tilda subdomain.


The UCraft website builder lets you build a business website for free.

UCraft is hosted for free in the Google Cloud. The free plan is standard delivered on a subdomain, but you can link your own domain name!

Website Builder

Start your own professional website with Website Builder. Choose your template, build your website and publish it online.

Website Builder allows you to start for free. For more functions you can upgrade to a paying plan.


The free website builder from Webstarts allows you to create a free company website.

With the free plan you can start on a subdomain. Afterwards you can upgrade to a paying plan.


Turn your business idea into a beautiful website with Weebly. Weebly's website builder allows you to get started with a company website, blog or webshop for free.

The free Weebly website is offered on a subdomain. Then you can upgrade to a paying plan.


Build your company website easily and quickly with the Wix website maker. With Wix you can create a free website and build your own company website.

Wix gives you the freedom to create whatever you want. With the free website builder from Wix you can create your own company website in high resolution.

The free version of Wix is on a subdomain. Afterwards, you have to upgrade to a payment plan.


Create your free business website or blog with WordPress. WordPress is the leading Content Management System.

With its flexibility, reliability and personalizations, a WordPress website is the ideal choice to score well on the internet.

As open source code, you can start a free WordPress website from WordPress itself. The free website is delivered on a subdomain. Afterwards, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

WordPress CMS allows Django vzw to offer optimized company websites.

With WordPress you can create a powerful website that can be found in Google and that is adaptable to everyone's budget and business needs.

Compare your free website builder

Can't choose yet which free website builder suits your business activities? Maybe this comparison of free website builders can help you further.

Or just contact Django vzw

Comparison free website builders
Report with the comparison of the free website builders

Step 2: construction and optimize your company website

Build and optimize your company website

After you have chosen a website builder to create a free business website, you can continue to build and make optimizations.

Build your business website

When you start with a website builder, a lot of time has to be invested in displaying your ideas and information on your company website.

Building your company website does not only require the knowledge of the website builder, but also the time to build the website.

The first thing you can best build is a home page, also known as a start page. This is the very first page where your visitors can explore your website. For example is our homepage.

Do not forget to add your contact form, your click-to-call and your click-to-email to your contact page.

The next page where you can expect immediate results is the contact page. This page allows your website visitors to contact you. Be it by letter, telephone, e-mail, ...

Optimize your company website

You can optimize your company website once or on a recurring basis. You can choose to do this yourself, outsource it or partially automate it.

One-time optimizations are required to be found. Not all website builders allow this. But optimizing your website for speed, search engines, mobile devices, security and privacy are just some of the much needed optimizations.

Recurring optimizations will give your company website better results over the years. By optimizing repeatedly, you can score higher in Google, and your visitors will experience a better user experience.

If you want to invest some time, you can learn step-by-step to perform optimizations yourself. Otherwise it is best to call on external help.

The essential optimizations for search engines and visitors are carried out for you at our Django websites.

Some essential optimizations for search engines, SEO, and images are best automated. You can sometimes achieve a lot with the right settings on the server and in your company website.


You can create a free company website! It just takes a moment to choose a good website builder that suits your needs.

Afterwards, it is best to take some time to build and optimize the company website.

With this article, we gave you a complete overview of how to create a free business website in 2019. Choose your free website builder. Build your own company website, and optimize your free website.

How does your search for a free company website go?

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