Working from home

... you can do it in many ways

Home entrepreneurs, home freelancers and home hobbyists work in various disciplines.

Some examples of working from home


Beauty Salon



Physiotherapy Practice

Repair Shop

Fitness Center

Swimming school

Hair salon


Beauty Model



Software programmer

Graphic designer

Sports teacher


Personal Trainer



VZW volunteer

BnB operator

Knitting & Sewing

Sports club

Reading club

Network club


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"Supporting Home Workers Successfully Doing Business"

How can I immediately start working from home?

Working from home is starting to earn an income from home. You can immediately start working from home. But what work do you want to do from home?

Working from home is very versatile. This may be that you are exercising a job from home. Or you can develop an online business. You can develop such a home business as a freelancer, as a secondary occupation or as a main occupation.

Working from home is synonymous with earning an income without leaving your home. This way you can immediately start building such an income. Are you ready to work from home?

How can I build a home working career?

You can develop a home working career at your own pace. You decide how many hours and days you spend on working from home during the week.

Homework Success is easier to achieve with Django vzw. We support and guide home workers to develop their careers.

Home freelancer

As a home freelancer you launch your homework with free assignments. You accept the assignments that suit you. You can find a lot of assignments for freelance assignments. Django vzw promotes existing freelance assignments.

Home entrepreneur

As a home entrepreneur you build your own business from home. You can start alongside your existing job, as a secondary occupation or as a main occupation.

You can build an online or offline home business. Both companies benefit from professional digital services. Django vzw also helps homeworkers in this. Developing your own online home business is based on your own vision for your digital company. Our Django advisors help clarify your focus.

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