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Entrepreneurs - Freelancers - Hobbyists

Home workers can belong to 1 of three categories; home entrepreneur, home freelancer and home hobbyist. Some homeworkers belong to several categories.

Home entrepreneur

Home entrepreneurs are home workers who, as entrepreneurs, develop their own brand and company from home.

Running your own business with attracting your own customers by positioning your own brand in the market. These home workers are entrepreneurs who develop this from home.

home entrepreneur, entrepreneur, home worker
home freelancer, freelancer, home worker

Home freelancer

Home freelancers are home workers who work as freelancers on projects from home.

Being your own boss from home and doing this from home on a project basis. As a home worker you can also be a freelancer.

Home hobbyist

The Home hobbyist are home workers who, as a hobbyist, work non-commercially from home.

Working passionately at home on your own hobby. These homeworkers share their knowledge, skills and products in a non-commercial way.

home hobbyist, hobbyist, home worker

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