What is home work?

Working from home is working from home, or any other place you are at home. Without being employed, and without the authority of an employer.

You can work from home in almost any work domain in which you are passionate. Working from home can include digital or physical work. It can be carried out part-time or full-time.

Furthermore, working from home is a form of business that can be done as a non-commercial activity or as a commercial activity; in main occupation, secondary occupation or payroll alternative.

Finally, working from home is different from; telecommuting, home work and freelance work.

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What are home workers?

You can divide homeworkers into; entrepreneurs, freelancers and hobbyists. All can work from home.

Home workers can belong to 1 of three categories; Home Entrepreneur, Home Freelancer and Home Hobbyist. Some homeworkers belong to several categories.

What is working from home?

Working from home means working from home, but that does not mean everything. You can see homework in many services and products. Some examples:

Physiotherapists, working as a home entrepreneur.

Beauty therapists, as a home entrepreneur a practice alone or with employees.

Sports instructors, always ready to jump in for a successful sports lesson as a home freelancer.

VZW directors, the cornerstone for many volunteers, they often work as home hobbyists.

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Why Django vzw Thuiswerk Succes !?

Because home workers are unique in working from home. Working from home is now possible in a digital way. Home entrepreneurs, home freelancers and home hobbyists, anyone can advance digitally through better systems, professional marketing and a community of fellow home workers.

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