How Can I Save My Home Work in the Cloud?

I often get the question: how can I save my home work in the cloud and how do I sync my devices? Storing your work from home in the cloud is a good precaution and a good way to work efficiently. Whether you work on your desktop, your laptop or your mobile device, having a backup of your work is a necessity. With a synchronization between your devices in the cloud you achieve this security and you also work efficiently. In short, you can easily save your home work and synchronize with Google Drive.

You can store your home work in the cloud via your Google Drive Cloud:

Go to the Google Drive Cloud website > read all about the functions and storage options. Or go after you Django Cloud > start with your Google Drive

You can synchronize your home work between your devices via the Google Backup and Synchronization:

Go to the Google backup and sync website > download the file> Install the program> Backup and Synchronize in 1-2-3 steps.

How can I save my home work in the cloud?

There are many forms of cloud storage. Some popular storage options are OneDrive from Microsoft, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Some cloud services start with a free version, others are more extensive and some are aimed at entrepreneurs. For the sake of simplicity, I discuss the Google Drive cloud storage for companies below:

Google Drive for Business is an easy way to always have your documents with you. Django vzw helps entrepreneurs on their way with Google Drive.

Get more done in less time with Docs, Sheets, Slides and the built-in collaboration features of Google Drive for business.

Google Drive Cloud
How to work with Google Drive in Gsuite

How do I sync my devices?

Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone with Google Drive backup and synchronization, you can store and synchronize all your files between your different devices.

Google Drive Cloud Synchronization

Download and install your Google drive storage and sync application.

After that you can set which folders and data are saved in the cloud. Whether you work on Windows, Android, or…. you can synchronize different platforms.

How much does a Google Drive storage cost?

Within your Gsuite for business profile, 30GB of storage is included. After that, you always have the option to purchase more storage. The current annual Google prices are; 20 euros for 100GB and 100euro for 1TB. Need more space? This is also possible! Don't hesitate your question to Django.

Can I sync my Android?

With your Google account you can easily synchronize and backup your Android smartphone in the cloud. Google Gsuite gives you extra security for your company. In addition, you can usually store unlimited photos in Google photos for free via your Android device.


Cloud storage and synchronization is a necessity in efficient business operations. Home workers and sole traders can get started quickly with Google Drive Cloud. This cloud storage space can be used for backing up and synchronizing files. Whether you have files on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, with the right cloud storage you should be able to start quickly and economically.

How do you work safely and efficiently with your files?

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