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How to Choose a Successful Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Why do you need a Facebook Marketing Strategy? With two billion people using Facebook every month, it is by far the most popular social media platform. However, you will need an excellent Facebook marketing strategy if you want your business to stand out among the 50 million businesses on Facebook! Facebook ads are the cornerstone of marketing strategies [...]

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How To Create The Most Effective Home Work Marketing Plan Ever?

A marketing plan is a must for your home-based business. After all, marketing is what helps you spread the word about your business and get new customers. But if you have never made a marketing plan before, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help small business owners such as home entrepreneurs, home freelancers, [...]

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What Are the Best WordPress Plugins of 2020?

Any WordPress website can be expanded with plugins. But which plugins are the best to use in 2020? Are there newcomers, are there old acquaintances, or are there unknown plug-ins that score really well in the WordPress website CMS? We divide the best WordPress plug-ins into each category: website builder, theme and layout, […]

Where can you find free images for your website?

Where Can I Find Free Images For My Website?

Images give your website shape and colour. But where can you find free images for your website? In this article, we give the five best website for free images. And in doing so, we will go into more detail about what free images are. The best websites for free images Pixabay Pixabay has a very extensive image collection. You can [...]

Lead customers to your business with Waze Local

Lead Customers To Your Business with Waze Local

Waze Local lets you target advertising on the largest community-driven navigation app. Thousands of potential customers drive daily in Belgium using the Waze app. Lead customers to your business with Waze Local through targeted ads when Waze users are near your business. Your sole trader, SME or association can reach more customers with [...]

Reach customers with Google Local Business

How Can I Reach Customers with Google Local Business?

If you wish to reach customers online, you can win through Google. But how can you reach customers with Google Local Business? Google Local Business, also called Google My Business and Google My Business. When I started my side business years ago, I was looking for ways to make my business known. Because Google Business [...]

Reach more customers online with your website

How can you reach more customers online?

Reaching more customers is something every sole trader wants to achieve. But how can you reach more customers online? In this article, I dwell on: Know your customer to reach more customers online The customer is king, it is sometimes said. As a self-employed person, your knowledge of your customers is your strength. Who do you provide services or goods to? [...]

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