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Association for home workers

Django NGO is an association for homeworkers that stands up for the interests of homeworkers. We support and help homeworkers to become successful in their activities.

We are a team of home workers who have started up without support. We learned what it is like to work from home through trial and error.

Our team

For and by a homeworker, our team consists of a dynamic group with complementary specializations.

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Django Advisor
Project Manager & Websites

My why: because too many online and marketing services are not tailor-made for the sole proprietorship and digital home worker. Too many websites have not been adapted, too many cloud services have been left unused, and too little thinking is done to really offer what needs to be done so that your project can be found digitally.


Django Advisor
Marketing & Social Media

My why: because working from home allows my talents to be used by the people who care. As a homeworker I can balance work and family. Then I think it is important that as a home worker you should not spend time in various visual aspects of marketing. I want to convey your message through the efficient use of my skills.


Copy Writing
Content Creation

Why: because we want to offer quality tailored to your project. Freelancers are our external specialists to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

"Renaat Sioncke is the Founder of Django.city, an all in one WordPress platform for work-from-home entrepreneurs, freelancers, and hobbyists. "I am an award winning entrepreneur and a web developer from Ghent, Belgium who designs, consults, develops, speaks, and writes about building high quality and accessible websites. For me, a website is more than just some codes. It's a brand, a marketing channel, a sales tool, and specialized work of computer programming skills. I built websites in the past 10 or more years, before mobile phones dominated internet search engines, launched different brands, learned the hard way, and understood what works and what doesn't. I am happily married, a blessed father of two young kids, and a professional educator in the Belgian school system. Working from home while building excellent website experiences is what I'm passionate about. That's why Django VZW(Django.city) came to life. Our NGO was founded out of a crave around making working from home a whole better experience with a professional website platform.

- Django.city

Homework Success!

Working from home has become increasingly important in recent years. It is easy to work professionally online from home.

Django is like the music for your home work.

Whether you are a home entrepreneur, home freelancer or home hobbyist. Django NGO is there for your Homework Success!

We provide services and products tailor-made for the home worker. In addition, Django NGO is there to support and unite home workers.

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about django vzw

For and by home workers

Thanks to Django NGO you can grow professionally and personally. Our publications provide the necessary guidance and respond to the innovations in working from home.

Every home worker can reach more customers with the professional Django platform. Django vzw provides home working websites where you can get started yourself, or you can ask your Django consultant to build the website for you.

Online marketing is tailor-made for every home worker, without pursuing expensive contracts.

Finally, we also want our community to connect offline, and we will organize events around the themes we like to write a lot about.

Django vzw is there for home workers who, like us, want to leave their mark on the future.

"Think carefully about the social aspect of your company. Having an impact is more important than making money."

- Merijn Everaarts, Dopper.

How does Django vzw work?

Django vzw provides products and services to its online members.

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An overview of some projects.

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Our Focus

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